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Love Notes… February 1, 2017

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20170201_155233Last year I decided to do something a little different for Valentine’s Day.  My kids get candy and treats from Grandma and Grandpa so I felt like I should think beyond the sugar and come up with something else.  I can’t remember where I found this idea but I’m sure it was Pinterest.  I used my Silhouette machine to cut out a bunch of hearts and jotted down 14 things I love about each of twins and a few about my older step-daughter as well.  Each night before bed I write a short note on a heart and tape it to the pantry door.  Each morning the kids wake to find a new note with 1 thing I love about each of them.  Yes, it’s tough to remember to do this every night before bed (think Elf on the Shelf) and the response to my notes isn’t nearly as enthusiastic as it is to the candy my mom sends but I tell myself these notes are something that make them feel good inside and last beyond Valentine’s Day.

Today is February 1st so I started the love notes again.  No one mentioned anything but I’m sure they noticed the bright red hearts taped to the door reminding them that Valentine’s Day is just 14 days away and they should expect to see notes from mom and maybe a few from dad over the next 2 weeks.



Santa Open House January 27, 2017

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My lovely neighbor is a real estate agent and was planning to host a holiday open house event with hot chocolate and a Santa photo opportunities for families.  She asked me to make cookies for the event.  We went with these simple tree cookies for the occasion.

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Gingerbread Houses: They’re Not Just for Christmas February 16, 2016

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In December one of my administrative assistant friends held a gingerbread house decorating activity for her team as part of a team building activity.  After the party she had 8 or 9 houses and some miscellaneous supplies left over so she offered them to me thinking my kids would enjoy them.  At the time I was exhausted and cranky and the idea of one more Christmas activity was just too much for me.  But I took the houses and decided to save them for a rainy day.

This weekend was Valentine’s Day so I pulled out those gingerbread houses and went to Safeway and Target to stock up on small red, pink, and white candies and hosted a Valentine’s Day Party for my twins and a few friends.  The result was better than I expected!  As I walked around mingling with the moms several of them commented that they too had a few left over gingerbread houses and were wondering what on earth they were going to do with them now that Christmas was over.  The kids had a ball and I really don’t think any of them even noticed that we were doing a traditional Christmas time activity.

So, the next time you’re at Michael’s and notice gingerbread houses for 70% off why not pick up a few!  Gingerbread houses make wonderful Valentine’s Day houses of love, St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun houses, Easter Bunny houses and even Halloween houses!

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It’s a Real Treat February 7, 2016

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My friend at work asked me to make cookies for her son’s class Valentine’s Day party next week.  I think I almost like Valentine’s Day cookies more than Christmas cookies.  All the sweet messages of hugs and kisses and friendship and love are just so sweet.  How can you not love Valentine’s Day?

She provided the cute tags and the ribbon and I provided the heart and cupcake cookies.

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Bake Sale and Dance Party December 14, 2015

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This week’s been a little crazy with holiday parties, Christmas shopping and cookies so I’m behind in my blog posts but wanted to share a few pictures from last weekend’s baking and crafting.

My friend Cha Cha posted something on social media about her dilemma to come up with a craft project for a dance party for her daughter’s dance class.  Coming up with a craft wasn’t the real issue though.  Her issue was more around finding a project that incorporated both her and her daughter’s celebration of Hanukkah and many of the classmate’s celebration of Christmas.  I came up with a cookie decorating idea.  I baked about 100 cookies in the shapes of Star of David, dreidels, snowmen, and more.  Cookie decorating is quickly becoming my go to craft project for kids.  Kids from 2-50 enjoy cookies and decorating them is even better.

Since I was baking up 100 cookies for Cha Cha I decided to just use the extra cookies for my office bake sale.  We held a bake sale to benefit FareStart of Seattle but also provide an opportunity for office bakers to share their favorite recipes. The turnout was impressive!  We raised over $1200 for a great cause and had fun doing it.

For the sale I baked cookies of course but I also made a few un-baked fun items like pretzel turtles which my daughter loved helping with and dipped Oreo-pop and Chocolate Peppermint cookies.  I cheated with the Chocolate Peppermint cookies and used a boxed cookie mix but they were delicious and went fast!  I had to fess up though and admit to one of the cookie fans that I didn’t actually make them from scratch and she too could bake up these yummy treats.

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The Bare Necessities…at work October 30, 2015

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This year I took on the responsibility of decorating my team’s hallway for the annual trick-or-treat extravaganza. Each year on Halloween employees bring their small children to trick-or-treat the hallways.  It’s a fun dry way for the kids to trick-or-treat as they weave their way through the hallways in search of candy.

Word in the hall is that our executive’s young daughter is into Jungle Book so I took it and ran with it and now his entire hallway is decked out in Jungle Book (within fire code, safety, and HR guidelines, of course).  I covered each wall with a jungle themed backdrop, recruited team mates and receptionists to cut many leaves and bananas, scoured Pinterest for a jungle related craft, and sourced as many animal costumes as possible for all of my team mates to join in the fun.

Almost too much fun this week to call it work!

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Haunted Disney Cookies

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I haven’t always enjoyed Halloween.  Of course I enjoyed trick-or-treating as a kid but coming up with a creative costume and decorating and scary just isn’t my thing…And then I met Es and my entire view of Halloween changed.  My husband and I started dressing up in costume and started really looking forward to the party months in advance.  Today is the day of the annual Halloween bash that my friend, Es hosts and I am jumping out of my skin with excitement!

This year’s party them is Haunted Disney.  Think Disneyland princesses and Mickey and Minnie gone rotten. I pulled out my Mickey Mouse themed cookie cutters and created some fun Halloween cookies for the party.

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