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Pup-ternity Leave June 17, 2016

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I realized this week that I haven’t been as busy making cookies recently. I thought maybe I sorta lost my cookie mojo.  The twins are having 2 separate birthday parties tomorrow to celebrate their 8th birthdays and I was struggling to find the energy to make cookies for the parties.  That never happens!

What actually happened was we got a new puppy in December after our 17 year old dachshund, Guinness, passed away.  This new French Bulldog puppy is the cutest thing ever and we all love her to bits but she is a lot of work.  Even today at 7 months old it’s tough to focus on baking for even an hour without having to keep one eye on her at all times to make sure she’s not peeing on the hardwoods, chewing up the chair leg or the corner of the wall, or just being mischievous.  Let’s hope she starts to outgrow this puppy stage soon so that I can get back to more cookie projects.