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An Elephant Never Forgets… March 24, 2017

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I have a friend who has done me the favor of taking countless pictures of me, my kids, my dogs and more.  She’s always happy to try an idea and never accepts money for her time. She’s just happy to grab her camera and spend time playing with me to capture something special.

A few weeks ago she reached out asking if I could help come up with a special cookie that she could take to her mom who is declining from Alzheimer’s.  She sent a few Pinterest elephant ideas and asked me to just do whatever I had time to do.

I borrowed this sweet elephant cutter from a friend and made a dozen cookies for her to take back to her mom to share with the nursing home staff.



Share the love for teachers!

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Teachers are special people.  The time and energy they spend teaching our children is awesome.  Our PTSA organization does a great job of showing appreciation to our teachers and all of the staff at our elementary school.

When my PTSA mom friend asked if I would be able to make something for the Valentine’s Sweet Treats appreciation event in February I was more than happy to contribute.  I made these cute little cookies for the event.  The pink and blue alligators are my favorite!



Under the Sea for Isabel and Alex! January 27, 2017

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Ack!  I have to confess…I’m so behind on my blog posts and these under water sea creatures were from a party in…gasp….NOVEMBER!  What’s worse is they were for the children of one of my best friends.  I’m so sorry GypsyLife for not blogging about these sooner.

Anyway, Isabel and Alex have birthdays fairly close together so their busy mom threw one big party to celebrate.  This Under the Sea themed party even included a fancy real life mermaid and some ginormous Dory balloons.  I made these cute starfish, sea horse and shark cookies for the party.





Santa Open House

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My lovely neighbor is a real estate agent and was planning to host a holiday open house event with hot chocolate and a Santa photo opportunities for families.  She asked me to make cookies for the event.  We went with these simple tree cookies for the occasion.

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Addy’s 3rd Birthday – Minnie Mouse

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What little girl doesn’t love Minnie Mouse?  A co-worker asked me last fall if I could make cookies for her daughter’s 3rd birthday.  I love the bright pink!



Soup-er Lunch for the Teachers November 1, 2016

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The PTSA has planned a few staff appreciation activities throughout the year.  I was asked to consider baking for one of the events last month. The fall themed lunch was an assortment of soups, breads, and desserts.

I made this fall cookie arrangement for the teachers. According to my kids the teachers all loved them!



Rainbows September 16, 2016

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Last month I started taking a barre class with a friend.  In the last month I’ve gone almost 4 days per week and I’m possibly addicted to barre class….wait, what was my point?  Oh yes!  Two weeks ago at 5:45am I was checking in to an early morning barre class when the nice woman at the front desk started quizzing me about where I was from.  I’m from out of state and from a small town out of state so when she was able to immediately guess my small town high school I was surprised. One thing led to another and today I delivered the cutest batch of rainbow cookies to my fellow high school alum for her daughter’s birthday party.  I’ve done rainbows before but it’s been a few years ago and I’ve had a lot of practice decorating cookies since then.  I was so happy with these cookies that I sent a few extras to school with my twins to share with their teachers.

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