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National Unicorn Day! May 4, 2018

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My niece turned four last week so I wanted to make cookies to share at her birthday party.  My daughter and I found a few ideas on Pinterest but ultimately went with simple unicorn, 4 and cupcake shapes.  Our original idea of using an egg shaped cutter and freehanding the unicorn ended up being what we jokingly called “Pinterest Fail”.

Happy 4th Birthday, K!

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Pizza Pizza or Cash March 24, 2017

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We’ve lived across the street from this family since our daughters were 6 years old.  This year they’re turning 16!  Time flies!  I wanted to do something fun (yet practical because that’s what I do).  I decided to give cash for this special milestone birthday.  16 $5 in this fun pizza presentation.



The Reptile Man January 27, 2017

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20170118_194636My friend at work wanted to take cookies to a party and asked me to make reptile cookies.  Eek!  Snakes give me the creeps!  I didn’t actually own any creepy cookie cutters so I had to consult my favorite cutter website and place an order asap.

As I started decorating these alligators I started to fall in love with them and started thinking of so many other ideas for using this cutter – baby shower, teacher appreciation, Valentine’s Day!  So many cute opportunities to use this again.

The snakes were a challenge for me. I like this buttercream frosting so I had to think of a way to make sure the coil would come through in the finished product.  I used a fine tip black icing to outline the snake and then filled it in with the gold.  In the end I was happy with the outcome.  This is why I love making cookies for friends.  I would have never made a snake cookie before so this was a good new practice for me.


Addy’s 3rd Birthday – Minnie Mouse

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What little girl doesn’t love Minnie Mouse?  A co-worker asked me last fall if I could make cookies for her daughter’s 3rd birthday.  I love the bright pink!



Rainbows September 16, 2016

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Last month I started taking a barre class with a friend.  In the last month I’ve gone almost 4 days per week and I’m possibly addicted to barre class….wait, what was my point?  Oh yes!  Two weeks ago at 5:45am I was checking in to an early morning barre class when the nice woman at the front desk started quizzing me about where I was from.  I’m from out of state and from a small town out of state so when she was able to immediately guess my small town high school I was surprised. One thing led to another and today I delivered the cutest batch of rainbow cookies to my fellow high school alum for her daughter’s birthday party.  I’ve done rainbows before but it’s been a few years ago and I’ve had a lot of practice decorating cookies since then.  I was so happy with these cookies that I sent a few extras to school with my twins to share with their teachers.

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Isabelle’s 9.5 August 14, 2016

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This week I was busy baking and decorating beach themed cookies for Isabelle’s 9.5 birthday.  Her actually birthday is in the winter but she really enjoys having beach parties with her friends so she celebrates with a fun beach party in the summer.  This year she requested palm trees and sunglasses for her birthday cookies.

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Take Off for Will’s 1st Birthday! August 7, 2016

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I’ve been making cookies for my step daughter’s special celebrations for the last couple of years and her friends have become some of my biggest cookie fans.  A couple of weeks ago I shared a photo on Facebook of cookies I did for a destination wedding.  In response to that photo I got 3 emails from friends asking me for cookies for a few upcoming events.

One of those requests was from the mom of one of my step daughter’s friends.  In celebration of Will’s 1st birthday she wanted a few cookies to go with the airplane themed party they’re having.  I didn’t have an airplane cutter but was easily able to find one on Cheapcookiecutters.com and they were able to ship it within the week so I would have it in plenty of time.

Happy birthday 1st birthday, Will! Happy to be a part of this special celebration!

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