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15 Random Things About Me June 15, 2010

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1) I’m a busy working mother of 6-year-old twins and a super 13-year-old step-daughter.
2) My favorite city is New York City, New York but I love to travel and jump at the opportunity to do so whenever I can.
3) My favorite TV shows are Hart of Dixie and Nashville but when those aren’t on and I have some free time I’ll watch anything on HGTV, Style Network, or Bravo.
4) I’m a shopper and I like fashion. I’m not an “over the top put myself in credit card debt need an intervention” shopper but I may or may not be on a first name basis with a couple of the sales associates at my local Nordstrom.
5) I’m scared of heights but I found the courage to rappel 40 stories down one of the tallest buildings in downtown Seattle to raise money for Special Olympics.
6) I do not like scary or suspenseful movies…At all…ever! I don’t even like previews for suspenseful or scary movies.
7) When I’m stressed at work I listen to Beastie Boys and AC/DC really loud in my car to help mentally prepare me for the day.
8) When my children are grown with families of their own I want them to think back on their childhood and say “My mom threw the best birthday parties.”
9) My favorite color is red but pink is a close second.
10) If I’m having a bad day I may turn to Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream.
11) I met my husband at the office. Yep, total office taboo but we’ve been married a while now and although my boss at the time wasn’t thrilled I think we’re all cool now.
12) My favorite movie is Say Anything with John Cusack which was filmed in Bellevue and Seattle so it’s like a local flick.
13) I grew up in a small farm community – Brownsville, Oregon population 1200. Never heard of it? Stand By Me was filmed here in the 1980s.
14) I truly value my friendships. Whether it was an elementary school playmate, college roommate, or a neighborhood mom friend I cherish these friendships.
15) I require 8-9 full hours of sleep. Or else I get really crabby. Just ask my husband or my children.


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