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Hello Big Apple! September 9, 2017

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The mom of one of my step daughter’s cross country and track teammates reached out to me back in early spring to ask if we could plan for me to make cookies for her older son’s graduation from University of Washington.  After graduation Hunter would be on his way to NYC to work for Teach for America.  NYC is one of my favorite places in the world so I jumped at the chance to make cookies for this event.

These taxi cookies may be my all time favorite cookies.  So cute! IMHO.



Hello Arizona!

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A friend asked me to make cookies for her daughter’s high school graduation in June.  Why I’m just now adding photos of the cookies in September is a long story but in a nutshell I’ve been running.  No really, literally running.  As in half marathons.  So, I’m terribly behind on my blog posts.

Anyway, my friend’s daughter was graduating from high school and on her way to Grand Canyon University in sunny Phoenix, AZ.  I came up with this cute arrangement to celebrate this HUGE milestone.

Good luck Lolo!

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Happy Mother’s Day

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In May my sweet neighbor asked me if I could bake cookies for her family flying in from Florida for the weekend.  She gave me free reign to come up with any design as long as it was spring related.

I thought these bright and cheerful cookies were Mother’s Day appropriate.



Kacey is 3!

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In April my niece turned 3!  As an aunt it’s outlined in my roles and responsibilities that I should make cookies as part of all of her special celebrations like birthdays.



Baby #2 is on his way!

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This summer I was honored to attend the baby shower of one of my favorite ladies – our former nanny!  I was happy to provide cookies for the guests to celebrate the special occasion.

Baby boy shower


And, She’s Off to Boston!

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This week the daughter of a very special co-worker left for her first year of college in Boston which is a terribly long ways away from Issaquah, WA.  This girl has done so much for our family from mentoring my step-daughter as she navigated her way through freshman year in high school to acting as my emergency babysitter when I needed help last summer so that I could make it to running practice. I figured what better way to celebrate her first week in the dorms than with cookies?

Congratulations Halle!  I’m so excited to hear all about your college adventures!

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