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Rainbows September 16, 2016

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Last month I started taking a barre class with a friend.  In the last month I’ve gone almost 4 days per week and I’m possibly addicted to barre class….wait, what was my point?  Oh yes!  Two weeks ago at 5:45am I was checking in to an early morning barre class when the nice woman at the front desk started quizzing me about where I was from.  I’m from out of state and from a small town out of state so when she was able to immediately guess my small town high school I was surprised. One thing led to another and today I delivered the cutest batch of rainbow cookies to my fellow high school alum for her daughter’s birthday party.  I’ve done rainbows before but it’s been a few years ago and I’ve had a lot of practice decorating cookies since then.  I was so happy with these cookies that I sent a few extras to school with my twins to share with their teachers.

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Regular Season – SEAHAWKS!

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My daughter was invited to a Seahawk pep rally last weekend to celebrate the first regular season Seahawks game.  I was making cookies for another reason and had extra dough so I made these Seahawks cookies for her to bring to the party.  Go Seahawks!



Wedding Bells

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A friend saw one of my Facebook posts a few months ago with cookies for a destination wedding and reached out to see if I’d be open to making cookies for her niece’s wedding in September.  Last weekend I delivered 100 cookies for her bridal shower.  The destination for this wedding is a winery in central Washington so they wanted shower cookies to coordinate.  I wasn’t able to find wine barrels but these engagement rings, fluffy white wedding dresses and wine glasses were perfect for the shower.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Duffy!

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