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Laser Tag for Eight July 14, 2016

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This year we agreed on two separate birthday parties for my twins.  Something girly for my daughter and something shooting related for my son.  Typical of boys his age, my son is into Nerf guns right now.  We don’t really have any Nerf type facilities nearby so I brought in a vendor to host a laser tag party. The boys met at our house before I walked them to a “top secret” destination (behind our house) to meet the laser tag guy, hear the instructions, and pick up their laser tag guns.  What a fun party!  The boys and girls (because the sisters crashed the party) had such a great time running around and hiding behind rocks, trees and bunkers.

After an hour plus of laser tag we walked back to the house for Five Guys Burgers (my son’s request) and some cake.

This was a great party activity for this age group! Highly recommend.

K, happy birthday buddy! I love your shared interest in baking and creating the perfect party celebration. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.  Love, Mom

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