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A Shopkins Tea Party July 14, 2016

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Apparently there is such a thing as planning too early.  Last fall my daughter was obsessed with Shopkins.  I’d catch her organizing her Shopkins by food category produce, frozen, sweets, household items etc.  And then I’d find her huddled in a corner near a plug in with her tablet watching videos of people opening their Shopkins packages or acting out Shopkins scenes.  Obsessed! So I thought it was the perfect 8th birthday party theme.

Fast forward to May and she started suggested other themes that were nothing even related to Shopkins.  I had to explain to her that we’d already booked the party room, made decorations, ordered, invitations, and been collecting favor items since December.  It was too late to change.  Luckily she rolled with it and we celebrated her 8th birthday with a  Shopkins Tea Party.

The tea party was fun but maybe a little too subdued from what we’re used to.  This was the first time we’ve had a girls only birthday party.  Next year maybe we kick up the energy a bit and get a little rowdy!

T, I’m so blessed to be your mom.  Your sense of humor, determination, and stubbornness are all uniquely you.  Happy 8th Birthday!  XOXO, Mom

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