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S’Mores for 15 June 6, 2016

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This week my step-daughter will turn 15. Over the last 13 years we’ve celebrated with parties and trips but never a surprise party.  I recruited my 8 year old daughter to help with the planning and as we were talking about what to do she asked me what other parties we’ve done for her.  It made me pause and think….

3 – the cute bug and garden party

4 – the Hello Kitty party

5 – the pony party which apparently was my husband’s favorite memory as the ponies paraded through the neighborhood with the kids

6 – the Seattle Children’s Museum – dinosaur party

7 – the Nancy Drew Mystery party with scavenger hunt (hottest summer on record and I was 34 weeks pregnant with twins)

8 – Spa party at Lily’s Day Spa on Queen Anne

9 – trip to NYC and NJ to meet the cast of Cake Boss

10 – Ice Cream party with a Limo – the limo picked up each girl at their house and brought them to the party

11 – Dinner at Melting Pot fondue restaurant with family and a friend

12 – her mom hosted a sleep over and I made a cookie cake

13 – Din Tai Fung and Power Play

14 – makeup lesson and dinner

and so for 15 I teamed up with one of her best friends to invite some friends over for a surprise backyard s’mores roasting and game night.  This is my new favorite party. Thanks to Pinterest I found countless combinations of s’mores introducing the girls to new combinations like bacon, peanut butter and banana “The Elvis”.

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