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Keep it classy with PBR & Ding Dongs June 27, 2016

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My sister and I are a little alike but really more different.  At her house warming party last year she served Twinkies, HoHos, Ding Dongs and PBR on a cake plateau made of red solo cups and plates.  I had no words for this.  I just had to giggle at how different we are when it comes to parties.  My sister can casually toss together fun in no time while I on the other hand plan and plan and sketch and test and arrange and rearrange until I’m a complete tense mess.

This weekend I had the honor of co-hosting a couples bbq / shower / belated engagement to celebrate my sister and her fiancé’s upcoming marriage.  The theme of the bbq was PBR because the PBR beer label was fun inspiration and since 4th of July is just a week away the decorations are easy to come by and I can get multiple uses out of them for Memorial Day, Fourth or July, and any other summer gatherings.

Sharing a few of my favorite party photos from the bbq.  Special thanks to Design Perfect Catering in Redmond, WA and Dianne’s Delights in Seattle, WA.  And extra special thanks to my neighbor Erin who lent me her beverage dispenser and helped guide me to make the cloth garland.

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Pup-ternity Leave June 17, 2016

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I realized this week that I haven’t been as busy making cookies recently. I thought maybe I sorta lost my cookie mojo.  The twins are having 2 separate birthday parties tomorrow to celebrate their 8th birthdays and I was struggling to find the energy to make cookies for the parties.  That never happens!

What actually happened was we got a new puppy in December after our 17 year old dachshund, Guinness, passed away.  This new French Bulldog puppy is the cutest thing ever and we all love her to bits but she is a lot of work.  Even today at 7 months old it’s tough to focus on baking for even an hour without having to keep one eye on her at all times to make sure she’s not peeing on the hardwoods, chewing up the chair leg or the corner of the wall, or just being mischievous.  Let’s hope she starts to outgrow this puppy stage soon so that I can get back to more cookie projects.




S’Mores for 15 June 6, 2016

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This week my step-daughter will turn 15. Over the last 13 years we’ve celebrated with parties and trips but never a surprise party.  I recruited my 8 year old daughter to help with the planning and as we were talking about what to do she asked me what other parties we’ve done for her.  It made me pause and think….

3 – the cute bug and garden party

4 – the Hello Kitty party

5 – the pony party which apparently was my husband’s favorite memory as the ponies paraded through the neighborhood with the kids

6 – the Seattle Children’s Museum – dinosaur party

7 – the Nancy Drew Mystery party with scavenger hunt (hottest summer on record and I was 34 weeks pregnant with twins)

8 – Spa party at Lily’s Day Spa on Queen Anne

9 – trip to NYC and NJ to meet the cast of Cake Boss

10 – Ice Cream party with a Limo – the limo picked up each girl at their house and brought them to the party

11 – Dinner at Melting Pot fondue restaurant with family and a friend

12 – her mom hosted a sleep over and I made a cookie cake

13 – Din Tai Fung and Power Play

14 – makeup lesson and dinner

and so for 15 I teamed up with one of her best friends to invite some friends over for a surprise backyard s’mores roasting and game night.  This is my new favorite party. Thanks to Pinterest I found countless combinations of s’mores introducing the girls to new combinations like bacon, peanut butter and banana “The Elvis”.

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How does your garden grow?

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In May we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week at my children’s elementary school.  The week was filled with thoughtful gestures to show the teachers and staff how much they are appreciated.

I signed up for a few things as part of the teacher lunch – shredded lettuce and shredded cheese for the taco bar.  But, what I really wanted to do was make cookies!  Thankfully one of the PTSA moms was familiar with my cookies and excitedly agreed to let me bring sweet treats for the teachers.

I made the usual sugar cookies but also made these fun cocoa rice and marshmallow treats with crumbled Oreos and gummy worms. I thought they turned out cute and my kids enjoyed being able to help make them.