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Gingerbread Houses: They’re Not Just for Christmas February 16, 2016

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In December one of my administrative assistant friends held a gingerbread house decorating activity for her team as part of a team building activity.  After the party she had 8 or 9 houses and some miscellaneous supplies left over so she offered them to me thinking my kids would enjoy them.  At the time I was exhausted and cranky and the idea of one more Christmas activity was just too much for me.  But I took the houses and decided to save them for a rainy day.

This weekend was Valentine’s Day so I pulled out those gingerbread houses and went to Safeway and Target to stock up on small red, pink, and white candies and hosted a Valentine’s Day Party for my twins and a few friends.  The result was better than I expected!  As I walked around mingling with the moms several of them commented that they too had a few left over gingerbread houses and were wondering what on earth they were going to do with them now that Christmas was over.  The kids had a ball and I really don’t think any of them even noticed that we were doing a traditional Christmas time activity.

So, the next time you’re at Michael’s and notice gingerbread houses for 70% off why not pick up a few!  Gingerbread houses make wonderful Valentine’s Day houses of love, St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun houses, Easter Bunny houses and even Halloween houses!

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