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Paw Patrol and the Rescue Pups December 14, 2015

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For Halloween I brought in cookies to share with my co-workers. One of my co-workers, J hadn’t seen or tasted my cookies before but after one bite she was a fan. Later in the day she came by my office and asked me if I could make cookies for her daughter’s 2nd birthday coming up.

This weekend I made Paw Patrol themed cookies for the party and what fun it was!  J went online to order the paw and dog bone shaped cutters and also ordered little coordinating tags from Etsy for the bagged cookies.  I went with a simple tan bone and white with brown paw print cookie but then added colorful 2s to add some color for the plated cookies.  I love how this turned out and think I probably need to invest in my own paw and bone cookie cutters.

We have a new puppy joining our family and I’m thinking I need an excuse for a party – why not a puppy welcome party?!?!  Fun right? You see where this is going…..and probably why I find myself over stretching myself.



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