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Bake Sale and Dance Party December 14, 2015

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This week’s been a little crazy with holiday parties, Christmas shopping and cookies so I’m behind in my blog posts but wanted to share a few pictures from last weekend’s baking and crafting.

My friend Cha Cha posted something on social media about her dilemma to come up with a craft project for a dance party for her daughter’s dance class.  Coming up with a craft wasn’t the real issue though.  Her issue was more around finding a project that incorporated both her and her daughter’s celebration of Hanukkah and many of the classmate’s celebration of Christmas.  I came up with a cookie decorating idea.  I baked about 100 cookies in the shapes of Star of David, dreidels, snowmen, and more.  Cookie decorating is quickly becoming my go to craft project for kids.  Kids from 2-50 enjoy cookies and decorating them is even better.

Since I was baking up 100 cookies for Cha Cha I decided to just use the extra cookies for my office bake sale.  We held a bake sale to benefit FareStart of Seattle but also provide an opportunity for office bakers to share their favorite recipes. The turnout was impressive!  We raised over $1200 for a great cause and had fun doing it.

For the sale I baked cookies of course but I also made a few un-baked fun items like pretzel turtles which my daughter loved helping with and dipped Oreo-pop and Chocolate Peppermint cookies.  I cheated with the Chocolate Peppermint cookies and used a boxed cookie mix but they were delicious and went fast!  I had to fess up though and admit to one of the cookie fans that I didn’t actually make them from scratch and she too could bake up these yummy treats.

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