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The Bare Necessities…at work October 30, 2015

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This year I took on the responsibility of decorating my team’s hallway for the annual trick-or-treat extravaganza. Each year on Halloween employees bring their small children to trick-or-treat the hallways.  It’s a fun dry way for the kids to trick-or-treat as they weave their way through the hallways in search of candy.

Word in the hall is that our executive’s young daughter is into Jungle Book so I took it and ran with it and now his entire hallway is decked out in Jungle Book (within fire code, safety, and HR guidelines, of course).  I covered each wall with a jungle themed backdrop, recruited team mates and receptionists to cut many leaves and bananas, scoured Pinterest for a jungle related craft, and sourced as many animal costumes as possible for all of my team mates to join in the fun.

Almost too much fun this week to call it work!

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Haunted Disney Cookies

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I haven’t always enjoyed Halloween.  Of course I enjoyed trick-or-treating as a kid but coming up with a creative costume and decorating and scary just isn’t my thing…And then I met Es and my entire view of Halloween changed.  My husband and I started dressing up in costume and started really looking forward to the party months in advance.  Today is the day of the annual Halloween bash that my friend, Es hosts and I am jumping out of my skin with excitement!

This year’s party them is Haunted Disney.  Think Disneyland princesses and Mickey and Minnie gone rotten. I pulled out my Mickey Mouse themed cookie cutters and created some fun Halloween cookies for the party.

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Bake Sale Goodies October 26, 2015

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This afternoon we’re having a bake sale at work as a fundraiser for Homeward Bound Pet Shelter a no kill animal shelter in the Seattle area. For people who love to bake but hate the temptation of sweet treats a bake sale is the perfect balance.  I bake and someone else eats – for charity!

Since Halloween is just days away I made these friendly ghost and pumpkin cookies.  Let’s hope we raise some money for a good cause!

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Mermaids for 5! October 21, 2015

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A co-worker knows I like to bake and had a chance to sample my cookies at a birthday party his daughter attended last summer.  He and his wife reached out a few weeks ago to ask if I could bake cookies and a cake for a mermaid themed 5th birthday.  Well, sadly, I can’t bake cakes but I was happy to help out with the cookies portion of the request.

I’ve used this starfish cutter several times before but they’re honestly just as cute the 10th time as the 1st time.  For this request I made them unique for this birthday girl by adding cute mermaid tags.  I found the shape on the Silhouette online store for 99 cents.  It took some time cutting out and assembling all of these tiny little bits but once they were finished it was worth it.

Happy 5th Birthday Sophie!  I hope you enjoy your mermaid birthday party!

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Say I Do! October 14, 2015

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A former co-worker asked me if I’d be willing to make some type of cookie for a bridal shower she’s throwing this weekend.  She said the shape and color was completely up to me (those are my favorite requests btw).  So I came up with these engagement ring cookies which are fairly simple on their own but when packaged and tied with these bling-y little rings and strips of rhinestones they look pretty fancy.

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