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Great Season Issy All Stars June 25, 2015

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One of the neighborhood moms reached out to me the other day asking if I’d have time to make cookies for her son’s baseball end of season party on Friday.  I normally ask for a couple of weeks lead time but since I was already wanting to make cookies for another neighborhood event later this week and since her request was a small one I decided to do it.  The team colors are red, white and black with a black I and black stars.  As I was making the cookies in the 80+ degree heat I realized my buttercream icing might run/bleed into each other so I had to be very careful to allow the cookies to fully dry before I added the team jersey numbers.

Pictured you see the cookies in progress.  The final product was black Is, red stars with jersey numbers, and packaged in a cellophane bag and tied with a black ribbon.

Great season Issy All Stars! Have a great summer!



One Response to “Great Season Issy All Stars”

  1. Pam Cabrera Says:

    Erika, the kids and parents loved the cookies. I forwarded your contact information to a few of the moms. Don’t be surprised if you get some more cookie orders. Thanks again, Pam

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