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Great Season Issy All Stars June 25, 2015

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One of the neighborhood moms reached out to me the other day asking if I’d have time to make cookies for her son’s baseball end of season party on Friday.  I normally ask for a couple of weeks lead time but since I was already wanting to make cookies for another neighborhood event later this week and since her request was a small one I decided to do it.  The team colors are red, white and black with a black I and black stars.  As I was making the cookies in the 80+ degree heat I realized my buttercream icing might run/bleed into each other so I had to be very careful to allow the cookies to fully dry before I added the team jersey numbers.

Pictured you see the cookies in progress.  The final product was black Is, red stars with jersey numbers, and packaged in a cellophane bag and tied with a black ribbon.

Great season Issy All Stars! Have a great summer!



Seahawks Themed 7th Birthday June 21, 2015

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My twins turned 7 this weekend and because it was son’s turn to pick the theme we had a Seattle Seahawks themed birthday party.  Arena Sports was the perfect venue for 15 kids to run and learn some basic football skills.  Plus they have great private party rooms so that I could set up the party while the coaches led the kids through drills and got them running around and having fun.  For the party decorations I pinned a few ideas on Pinterest like this goal post made from PVC pipe I purchased at Home Depot.  I cut it to size, spray painted it yellow and stood it upright in some floral foam in a small flower pot I found at Michael’s craft store.  I also crafted together wood letters again from Michael’s and painted them in a football field and football theme.  Since we’re a big football family I’m sure I’ll get plenty of use out of these decorations for future parties and football get togethers.  The rest of the decorations were items I had around the house and in my husband’s home office including the autographed Tatupu helmet.  Pulled together with a touchdown table runner a friend found for me at Bed Bath and Beyond and these items made the perfect party props!

For snacks I ordered these cute individual party boxes that look like a football field and these cute football cups with a clear dome lid on two stores I found on Etsy.  I was sensitive to keeping the sugar to a minimum so the snack bags included string cheese, apple slices, Goldfish crackers and blueberries.  Since it was a Seahawks themed party I had to throw in some Skittle though.  Beastmode – we love our #24!  The cupcakes and small round cake were from a local cupcake shop called Pinkabella.  I’d seen their Seahawks themed cupcakes Superbowl weekend so I knew that when I asked for Seahawk themed cupcakes they’d deliver!

After the snacks and cupcakes I had a special surprise – a special guest.  Back in November I contacted the Seattle Seahawks and arranged to have the mascot, Blitz come to the party to play with the kids and get some pictures.  What a great experience.  Super easy to work with.  Great with the kids.  It may have been a little over the top but my kids have been to so many other parties at Arena Sports so I wanted to do something extra to make it unique.  Blitz was a hit!

Goodie bags were just an assortment of some fun things I picked up around town over the course of a few months.  Sports Lollipals football suckers that taste yummy!  I found these at my gym’s bistro and decided I must have these for the party.  Silly string, rubber footballs, Seahawks button, Seahawks straw, Seahawks toy ring and of course Skittles.

This was probably my favorite party yet. Sadly only one of my twins was able to enjoy the party.  The other one came down with a serious stomach bug and was home sick and unable to make it to the party.  Next year it’s her year to pick the party theme so we’ll make sure the party is extra special to make up for this year.

Happy 7th Birthday!  XOXO Love, Mom

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Seahawks Themed 7th Birthday June 20, 2015

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My twins are turning 7 and it’s my son’s turn to pick the party theme.  He chose a Seahawks themed party so I made these cookies as part of the party treats.  They look a little homemade and sad as I look at these pictures but packaged in a cellophane bag, tied with Seahawks ribbon and combined with all the decorations I have planned these cookies will be the perfect addition to the party!

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Ruffles for Baby Girl Shower

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Last month I shared Frozen themed cookies that I made for a mom “H” in the neighborhood for her daughter’s 3rd birthday.  A couple of weeks ago I got a Facebook message in my “other” messages.  I rarely check Facebook at a computer so I wouldn’t have seen the message if “H” hadn’t sent me a text message saying “Please check your others!  My friend wants your cookies for my baby shower.”  I quickly checked Facebook and realized I had a message waiting from H’s friend.  She wanted something special for her friend H’s baby shower today. I have a lot going on this weekend with other birthdays and Father’s Day so I didn’t want to overcommit to something too complicated so I suggested these ruffle cookies.  Ruffles in white, pink and yellow with a sprinkle of edible disco glitter made these girly and a little fancy.  I am so happy with how these turned out.  An example of how simple can be so pretty and the perfect accent to a party.  Happy Shower H!

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8th Grade Promotion – Off to Issy High! June 14, 2015

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My step-daughter graduates or as they call it “will be promoted” from the 8th grade tomorrow.  The PTA moms have arranged a fun evening of obstacles courses, movies, games and more to celebrate the kids moving from middle school to high school.  When the sign up sheet came around I signed myself right up for cookies.  Well, cookies and 5 movie theater sized boxes of sour patch kids candy.  A few weeks ago I ordered these perfect capital I cutters.  I also decided to try out the edible icing art so that I could add the Issy High School logo on the cookies.  I found the edible icing art on Etsy at a shop called A Birthday Place for about $12 (or so). I provided the image and A Birthday Place copied this image onto the edible icing.  The process couldn’t have been easier.  I spread a thin layer of white buttercream frosting onto the round cookies.  While the cookies were being frosted I put the edible icing art in the freezer to ensure the art popped off the paper easily.  Once the cookies were frosted I applied the edible art and smoothed it out gently with my finger and then piped dots and zig-zag to cover the edges.  I’m so happy with how these turned out.  The kids are going to love them!

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Neckties and Crisp Collars for a Baby Boy June 8, 2015

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Baby boy shower cookies – neckties and tiny collars.  Happy Shower, Mama!