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Baby girl shower cookies – take 2 May 31, 2015

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Last week was a busy week with work, kid’s activities, traveling husband etc.  So, I baked these cookies on Sunday and froze them thinking I’d decorate on Thursday.  Thursday night I prepped my icing and started decorating.  I should have known to stop the second I suspected my icing was to thin but I didn’t.  When I woke up Friday morning the cookies were still wet and has this chalky finish from too much water not mixing properly with the icing.

Friday night I re-baked the cookies and at 5:15am on Saturday morning I set to work to redecorate these cookies with a less wet royal icing.  To better control the amount of water I used to thin the icing I used a small spray bottle filled with warm water.  This bottle is strictly used for my cookie decorating.  Patiently I sprayed and stirred one at a time until the icing was the perfect consistency.  I also added light corn syrup to the icing as it tends to help the icing finish with more of a shine than the chalky look.  I managed to get these cookies finished and bagged by 10:30am in time to deliver to my neighbor who was hosting a baby shower for a friend.

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