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Baby girl shower cookies – take 2 May 31, 2015

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Last week was a busy week with work, kid’s activities, traveling husband etc.  So, I baked these cookies on Sunday and froze them thinking I’d decorate on Thursday.  Thursday night I prepped my icing and started decorating.  I should have known to stop the second I suspected my icing was to thin but I didn’t.  When I woke up Friday morning the cookies were still wet and has this chalky finish from too much water not mixing properly with the icing.

Friday night I re-baked the cookies and at 5:15am on Saturday morning I set to work to redecorate these cookies with a less wet royal icing.  To better control the amount of water I used to thin the icing I used a small spray bottle filled with warm water.  This bottle is strictly used for my cookie decorating.  Patiently I sprayed and stirred one at a time until the icing was the perfect consistency.  I also added light corn syrup to the icing as it tends to help the icing finish with more of a shine than the chalky look.  I managed to get these cookies finished and bagged by 10:30am in time to deliver to my neighbor who was hosting a baby shower for a friend.

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A single, a double, an H O M E run

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This year my kindergartener played her first year of teeball.  What a fun season!  I loved watching her build her skills over the season.  To celebrate the final game I made baseball cookies with a royal icing for all of the girls.  I didn’t package these because the schools where we play don’t have trash bins so I let the cookies dry as much as possible and then layered in an airtight container with waxed paper.  This would have worked well if it wasn’t such a warm day.  The girls didn’t care that some of the cookies were smudged!  Nice game girls!



Calling All Superheros…Camden Turns 3! May 14, 2015

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A couple of months ago I made baby shower cookies for my friend and as I was dropping off the cookies at her house her son caught a glimpse of the cookies and was immediately my biggest cookie fan.  His mom sent me a text and let me know that he was obsessed with the cookies and I should put his May birthday on my cookie calendar because he definitely wants cookies!

Camden’s birthday theme is a Superhero theme.  His mom sent me a few pictures of party decorations and invitations that she ordered on Etsy and shared a few pictures of cookie ideas she liked on Pinterest.  There are some really amazing cookie decorators out there.  By amazing I mean incredibly talented and capable of the tiniest details in a cookie and able to work with multiple mediums like royal icing, gum paste, and fondant. For this I decided to try to keep the cookie as simple as possible and focus on the action words POW!, POP!, BAM! etc in the red, yellow and blue colors that coordinate with the party decorations.

Since the cookie was simple I wanted to create a little fancier hang tag to complete the package.  I found this cute super hero C tag online for my Silhouette machine.  Although a little labor intensive, I think the tags are the perfect addition to these cookies.

I hope Camden likes these one of a kind cookies just for his 3rd birthday!

Happy Birthday little buddy!

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