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Thank You Teachers March 30, 2015

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Last week someone I used to work with sent me a note asking if I could make a couple of little cookie treat bags to go along with what she already had planned for her children’s teachers as part of Teacher Appreciation Week. I’m hoping to make cookies in a couple of months for my own children’s teachers for TAW so I figured this could be a great test run for this cookie cutter combination I had in mind.  I love using this #1 cookie cutter because it’s so big and such a great blank slate for so many things.  I teamed #1 with a gold star and red and green apple cookies.  For these cookies I decorated with royal icing because I knew I needed to be able to stack them in a bag and I didn’t want the frosting to smudge.  Main teachers got cellophane bags of 3 cookies and assistants and office staff got glassine bags (which I love btw) with 2 apples in each bag.  I hope the teachers enjoy these!  Thank you teachers for supporting us and inspiring us all to grow up to be successful adults.

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