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He Shoots. He Scores! March 20, 2015

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This winter was the first year my kindergarten son played basketball.  In just a couple of months we watched him go from no so many skills to master of the basketball.  Watching him learn to dribble, guard and even shoot and score has been a lot of fun but probably the best basketball memory from this season will be the facial expressions and gestures he’s made after he’s scored 2 points as he’s running back down to the other side of the court as he goes from offense to defense.  We’re not big television basketball people so I have no idea where he picked this up but he’s got the bottom pat, the “in yo face” look and the “that’s how you do it” comment perfected. After a little guilting by my mom (thanks mom!) I realized that I make cookies for everyone else’s special occasion so I should probably whip up a batch for my own child as well.  I made these cookies last night to celebrate the end of a fun season.  Go Bulls! basketballs


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