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PSA: CK Royal Icing March 6, 2015

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As I approach the 2 year anniversary of my cookie decorating obsession and hobby, I think I’ve finally tackled my fear of royal icing.  Back in January I attended a party planning conference in Arizona and was fortunate to sit next to a sweet cookier The Cookie Fairy from Austin, Texas.  We shared our love of baking cookies and I confessed to her that as much as I love to decorate cookies I do not have a fool proof royal icing.  I cease up in fear every time someone asks for cookies that can be plated because a plate of cookies means I need to be able to stack them ie requires hard frosting so the decorations aren’t ruined.  The Cookie Fairy asked which recipes and mixes I’ve tried and then calmly smiled and said “I think I have your fix”.  She suggested two alternatives to the Wilton meringue powder recipes I’ve been trying. One of them was CK Royal Icing.  As soon as I got back to my hotel room I placed and order for this CK Royal Icing mix.

Last night as I sat down to decorate cookies for a friend who’s hosting a baby shower this weekend I decided to try out the CK Royal Icing mix and I’m hooked!  I still have some work to do on creating a smooth finish but that will come with practice.  For this request I was able to decorate 2 dozen baby girl shower cookies that each hardened just enough to allow me to stack on a platter.  I was able to create both outline and flow icing and decorate fairly easily.  I’m so happy that I met The Cookie Fairy and opened up to share my fear of royal icing with her.  I can’t wait for my friend to see her cookies in person.  I know these are going to be the hit of the table!

So, cookie friends, I come to you today with this Public Service Announcement.  If you too struggle with royal icing, stop what you’re doing and order CK Royal Icing and give it a try.  If it worked for me, it could possibly work for you too.



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