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Legos and Super Bowl January 26, 2015

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This weekend I was laser focused on Legos and Super Bowl.  I mean LASER focused!  I went straight home on Friday night and got started baking.  I’ve made Lego cookies before and was pretty happy with how they turned out for a first attempt but I wanted to work on my faces a little more this time so I added these fun little monster eye candies I’ve been dying to try out.  The end result was pretty cute IMHO.

With the remaining dough I decided to get a jump start on my cookies for next weekend’s Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and our hometown favorites the Seattle Seahawks!  I ordered these perfect Seahawk logo cutters from CheapCookieCutters.com but quickly realized that decorating these with buttercream frosting is going to be a challenge.  So, although these are tasty cookies, they’re not really my best work.  I also had 3 extra Lego head cookies to work with so I wanted to try to create Lego Seahawks player cookies to see if I could come up with something that looks like a Lego player for my kids’ next birthday party.  Lucky for me I have a couple of things going for me in this situation 1) Super Bowl is still 7 days away so I can practice some more, 2) the kids will be so excited that we even have cookies that they won’t care and 3) the primary reason for buying this cutter is for my twins’ 7th birthday in June which means I have another 5 months of practice runs with buttercream and royal icing until I get it right.

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