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Continuing Education…#BASHConf15 January 17, 2015

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A few months ago as I was browsing Instagram I noticed my favorite cookie decorator, Jenny Cookies, mentioned something about her class at BASH Conference.  I had no idea what this BASH Conference was all about so I quickly went to Bing and did a quick search.  BASH Conference was going to be THE event for party planners, party bloggers, and those who are just interested in all things party.  By the end of the day I was registered and had my flights and hotel book and had a meeting request off to my husband letting him know that under no circumstances should he travel during these sacred 4 days in January.

Over the last 3 days I’ve had the opportunity to hear from some of the crème de la crème of event designers, event stylists, party retailers, party and lifestyle bloggers, and just unbelievably creative people.  I’ve been following the blogs of TomKat Studio, Hostess with the Mostess, Amy Atlas, Catch My Party and more for years so to be able to learn from these ladies and hear their stories was an incredible experience for me.  As I think about what I’ve heard and learned over the last couple of days the one things that stands out the most for me personally is “Be true to yourself.” Whether it’s your brand or your niche business the most important thing I can ever be is true to myself.  As I start to think about my twins’ next birthday in a few months, I want to challenge myself to look for my own party inspiration in new places and create a party that is as unique as they are.  I don’t need to try to be as good as an idea I saw on Pinterest or a party blog.  I want to be even better and create something that is unique to my children and my style.

Although I enjoyed all of these sessions, my favorite was the final session of the conference with Jenny Cookies.  Two years ago I took my first cookie decorating class with Jenny and I have been hooked ever since.  I was happy to attend a refresher class and have the opportunity to thank you in person for sharing her knowledge.

jenny cookies


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