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Show Me Your Team Spirit! Go Ducks! January 13, 2015

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Although the University of Oregon Ducks lost to the Ohio State Buckeyes in last night’s championship football game, the loss does not take away any of my sense of pride for the awesome season the Ducks had or my love for the university.  I am a proud and true University of Oregon graduate and when I see an opportunity to celebrate I grab it!

Last weekend in excitement for the big game I did what anyone who knows me would expect me to do – I baked cookies.  I like these big shirt and pennant cookie cutters because they’re huge by cookie cutter standards which gives me plenty of space to get creative.  I also played around with my smaller football cutters because they’re a more reasonable cookie size (from a calories perspective) and they’re an easy 2 color cookie to decorate which means I can crank out a bunch of them in minutes.

When my kids looked at the white and grey jersey cookies they were a bit confused so I feel like I need to clarify – these were the Oregon 2015 championship game visitors jerseys, or at least my version of them.  Normally the jerseys would have a little more green and yellow to them.

duck cookies


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