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These Cookies Left Intentionally Blank… October 28, 2014

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I am so excited that my children get to have their first classroom Halloween party. One of the activities for the party will be decorate your own cookie and guess what?!?!  They needed a volunteer to bring the cookies!  Can you believe it?  Oh pick me!  PICK ME!

Well, they didn’t actually pick me but rather cookies was the only sign up spot available when I finally got around to signing up.  But whatever, it was destiny and I was thrilled to be able to put my hobby to good use and whip up a couple of dozen ghosts and pumpkins for these little cookiers in the making.  I’m really struggling with the fact that the cookies were naked when they left my kitchen so I delivered them to the school 3 days early hoping that out of sight out of mind and I’ll forget all about them.  One Friday these cute ghosts and pumpkins will come to sugary life with globs of orange and purple frosting and piled high with jimmies and sprinkles.

halloween party


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