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End of Summer Beach Party August 22, 2014

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One of my managers likes to throw .5 birthday parties for her oldest daughter, I.  Living in Seattle it’s tough to have a fun outdoor beach party in December so they throw a .5 birthday party in August when they can take advantage of the sunshine and host the party at their home on the lake.  This year I was asked to make cookie party favors for all of the guests.  I requested each favor have 1 surfboard and 1 beach ball in primary colors.

With my real job consuming all of my time in July and then family vacations in August, I haven’t really spent much (any) time baking or decorating since June.  It took a while for me to find my mojo for these cookies.  The baking process went super – easy peasy.  They icing and decorating process was an entirely different story.  First batch of icing was perfect consistency but I didn’t make enough.  Second batch of icing was a complete bust.  Third batch was a little watery so I will just add some more corn syrup and powdered sugar….oh shoot!  Time to make a trip to the grocery store for more powdered sugar and corn syrup.  Fourth batch at 9 o’clock at night was finally right and I was finally ready to finish my decorating.  Unfortunately I lost 5 beach ball cookies in the process of testing the icing so I had to resort to pulling 5 hula skirts from my next cookie project so that I could supplement for this order.  What a cluster….

This morning I work up fresh and rested with a positive attitude ready to package and deliver these cookies.  Last night at the grocery store I saw this raw sugar next to the powdered sugar so I grabbed it.  This morning as I was packaging the surfboards and beach balls and a few back up hula grass skirts I added a generous tablespoon of raw sugar “sand” to each back before I carefully tied with a ribbon.  The end result is an adorable trip to the beach in a bag.  These will be the perfect thank you for attending I’s 7.5 birthday.

Happy 7.5 I!  See you at the lake!

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