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Clown School for 6 Year Olds June 22, 2014

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I’ve been looking forward to a reason to plan a circus themed party for a while now. Initially I wanted to book the circus arts program for my twins birthday so I could fully execute on my big ideas. But, when I thought about it more realistically, the program is in Seattle and I worried we’d lose 75% of the guests because it was just too inconvenient to get there. So, I improvised and scheduled the party at the local Little Gym and asked them to help train my budding circus performers.

Theme – Circus

Decorations – primary colors with red, blue and yellow with lots of popcorn striped packaging for fun.

Food and Beverage – I usually like to order cakes for my parties but this year I saw this idea for popcorn cupcakes and it was too cute not to try. I baked yellow cupcakes from a box mix and doctored the ingredients to make it more homemade. For the frosting I also used store bought frosting doctored with a little extra powdered sugar, vanilla, and yellow food coloring. This helped stiffen the frosting so I could pipe it and so it dried and would hold my fake popcorn. For the popcorn I enlisted my family to carefully snip a bazillion (give or take) mini marshmallows. Once they snipped them I spread them on a cookie sheet lined with paper towel and sprayed them with this spray food coloring. It’s similar to an airbrush I guess. You can find it at the craft store. The finished product was this adorable faux cupcake. The kids loved these!

I also wanted to add a few not so sweet snack options so I found this Circus Snack Mix on Pinterest. It’s something like this – yogurt covered raisins, Rice Chex cereal, Fruit Loops, Strawberry Shortcake flavored Goldfish crackers, marshmallows, frosted animal crackers and some M&M candies. These were such a cute snack and fit into the theme perfectly but were also practical and not overly sweet.

Activity – The Little Gym was a perfect venue for the kids to burn off some energy. The instructors led them through some fun little games and activities in the gym. Although I wish they would have had some more creative freedom to customize the party to something more circus themed, I don’t think the kids really noticed. After the circus training I lined the kids up and let them pick out some clown props to wear for a quick picture. I’m using the pictures in the thank you notes that we’re sending later this week. I thought a picture in their silly clown gear would be a fun keepsake.

Favors – The party favors were packaged in these vintage popcorn boxes I found on Etsy. I filled them with cotton candy flavored suckers, rock candy suckers, clown noses, button candy, circus necklaces I found on Etsy and a few other little goodies. Each child also went home with one of my circus themed cookies.

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