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Oh, the Places You’ll Go! June 12, 2014

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Twenty years ago this week I graduated from college and went to work at my first “real” job at a family owned copier sales and service company in Bellevue, Washington. At the time I had no idea of the longtime friendships I would come away with from this entry level administrative job. One of the people I met was an energetic and fun woman who was married and about to have her first baby.

Fast forward 18+ years to 2014 and that first baby “B” is graduating from high school and about to head off to college this fall. Her mom and I have remained connected through the power of Facebook and this week I had the joy of coming up with cookies to celebrate B’s accomplishments.

For these cookies I tried out new fluted circle and scroll/diploma cutters. I really like the fluted circle as I think I’ll have endless uses for this type of simple shape. Once I started working with the scroll and started icing them, my mind started racing with possibilities for how I can use this cutter as well. These cookies are very simple with a corn syrup icing that covers the cookie smoothly and allows me to stack cookies and transport them. I used a standard royal icing for the words and details on the cookies as this is a stiff consistency and is something I’m more comfortable working with when I need to do details.

Congratulations B!

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