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A New Look for Same Old Rice Krispy Treats June 2, 2014

Filed under: Birthday Parties — idreamofparties @ 3:20 pm

My twins attend a private Montessori school where one of the few celebrations includes birthday circle. The usual birthday circle treats are fruit snacks, packaged Rice Krispy treats, and vanilla Oreo cookies. Because I’m a little over functioning I insisted on taking birthday circle treats up a notch.

Yesterday I managed to put together the Rice Krispy treats disguised as ice cream cones. These were easy to make and took less than an hour. The biggest challenge was finding an appropriate stand to hold all 22 cones while the chocolate Melties hardened. Thankfully, my daughter helped me collect all of the plastic kiddie cups so we could prop up the cones for a few minutes.

Once the chocolate hardened I packaged these in individual cellophane bags and tied with a twist tie to keep them fresh.

Can’t wait for the twins to share these on Friday for their special birthday circle.

rice krispy treats


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