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Clown School for 6 Year Olds June 22, 2014

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I’ve been looking forward to a reason to plan a circus themed party for a while now. Initially I wanted to book the circus arts program for my twins birthday so I could fully execute on my big ideas. But, when I thought about it more realistically, the program is in Seattle and I worried we’d lose 75% of the guests because it was just too inconvenient to get there. So, I improvised and scheduled the party at the local Little Gym and asked them to help train my budding circus performers.

Theme – Circus

Decorations – primary colors with red, blue and yellow with lots of popcorn striped packaging for fun.

Food and Beverage – I usually like to order cakes for my parties but this year I saw this idea for popcorn cupcakes and it was too cute not to try. I baked yellow cupcakes from a box mix and doctored the ingredients to make it more homemade. For the frosting I also used store bought frosting doctored with a little extra powdered sugar, vanilla, and yellow food coloring. This helped stiffen the frosting so I could pipe it and so it dried and would hold my fake popcorn. For the popcorn I enlisted my family to carefully snip a bazillion (give or take) mini marshmallows. Once they snipped them I spread them on a cookie sheet lined with paper towel and sprayed them with this spray food coloring. It’s similar to an airbrush I guess. You can find it at the craft store. The finished product was this adorable faux cupcake. The kids loved these!

I also wanted to add a few not so sweet snack options so I found this Circus Snack Mix on Pinterest. It’s something like this – yogurt covered raisins, Rice Chex cereal, Fruit Loops, Strawberry Shortcake flavored Goldfish crackers, marshmallows, frosted animal crackers and some M&M candies. These were such a cute snack and fit into the theme perfectly but were also practical and not overly sweet.

Activity – The Little Gym was a perfect venue for the kids to burn off some energy. The instructors led them through some fun little games and activities in the gym. Although I wish they would have had some more creative freedom to customize the party to something more circus themed, I don’t think the kids really noticed. After the circus training I lined the kids up and let them pick out some clown props to wear for a quick picture. I’m using the pictures in the thank you notes that we’re sending later this week. I thought a picture in their silly clown gear would be a fun keepsake.

Favors – The party favors were packaged in these vintage popcorn boxes I found on Etsy. I filled them with cotton candy flavored suckers, rock candy suckers, clown noses, button candy, circus necklaces I found on Etsy and a few other little goodies. Each child also went home with one of my circus themed cookies.

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Oh, the Places You’ll Go! June 12, 2014

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Twenty years ago this week I graduated from college and went to work at my first “real” job at a family owned copier sales and service company in Bellevue, Washington. At the time I had no idea of the longtime friendships I would come away with from this entry level administrative job. One of the people I met was an energetic and fun woman who was married and about to have her first baby.

Fast forward 18+ years to 2014 and that first baby “B” is graduating from high school and about to head off to college this fall. Her mom and I have remained connected through the power of Facebook and this week I had the joy of coming up with cookies to celebrate B’s accomplishments.

For these cookies I tried out new fluted circle and scroll/diploma cutters. I really like the fluted circle as I think I’ll have endless uses for this type of simple shape. Once I started working with the scroll and started icing them, my mind started racing with possibilities for how I can use this cutter as well. These cookies are very simple with a corn syrup icing that covers the cookie smoothly and allows me to stack cookies and transport them. I used a standard royal icing for the words and details on the cookies as this is a stiff consistency and is something I’m more comfortable working with when I need to do details.

Congratulations B!

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BFFs Go Together Like…. June 4, 2014

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My step daughter turns 13 this week – where does time go?? I wanted to do something fun to add to the already planned party favors. I bought these bacon cookie cutters a few months ago but haven’t had a chance to use them yet. So, I ordered an egg and toast cutter from http://www.cheapcookiecutters.com/ and created this mini breakfast cookie arrangement with a fried egg, toast and a side of two pieces of bacon. Order up! Can’t wait to see the reaction from her friends.

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Thank you from Mrs. V’s Busy Bees! June 2, 2014

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A former co-worker and friend saw my recent bee and beehive cookies and reached out to see if I would have time to bake cookies for her daughter to give to her teacher as an end of year gift. The teacher, Mrs. V, refers to the class as the “Busy Bees” so it only seemed appropriate to give her a box of bees and beehives. For these beehives I prefer the buttercream frosting because it gives the cookie some texture plus this is the best tasting frosting in my humble opinion.

I put together just over 1 dozen cookies in the perfect white box with a cellophane window on the top so you could see the cookies from the top. Tied with white and yellow tulle and a thank you hangtag these made the perfect end of year teacher thank you gift. Just thinking about the smile these cookies would bring was well worth the time required to bake and decorate each one.

bee cookies 2


A New Look for Same Old Rice Krispy Treats

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My twins attend a private Montessori school where one of the few celebrations includes birthday circle. The usual birthday circle treats are fruit snacks, packaged Rice Krispy treats, and vanilla Oreo cookies. Because I’m a little over functioning I insisted on taking birthday circle treats up a notch.

Yesterday I managed to put together the Rice Krispy treats disguised as ice cream cones. These were easy to make and took less than an hour. The biggest challenge was finding an appropriate stand to hold all 22 cones while the chocolate Melties hardened. Thankfully, my daughter helped me collect all of the plastic kiddie cups so we could prop up the cones for a few minutes.

Once the chocolate hardened I packaged these in individual cellophane bags and tied with a twist tie to keep them fresh.

Can’t wait for the twins to share these on Friday for their special birthday circle.

rice krispy treats