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Teacher Appreciation Gifts May 4, 2014

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It’s been rainy and blah this weekend in Seattle which made it a perfect weekend to spend in the kitchen baking. This weekend I had two requests for Teacher Appreciation Week gifts for next week. The busy moms each gave me free rein to use any cookie shape I wanted which was great. Since I last used the canning jar, I’ve had a few ideas of what other fun things I could do with the jar. I also got this watering can cutter a couple of months ago at CookieCon so I decided this would be a good opportunity to give it a try too. As I was browsing Pinterest I also came across the flash card idea. I didn’t have a cutter so I improvised with my pizza cutter and made as close to rectangles as I could get.

I usually package my cookies in a cellophane bag, but I picked up these glassine bags and had an idea to package the cookies in them. I was worried that you wouldn’t be able to see the cookie but the bag is just a little transparent so you can see the bright colors of the icing through the bag. Paired with a sweet hang tag or a sticker with a little note and I think these are adorable.

The end result were these cute cookies perfect as a small teacher thank you. The only problem is I’ve been so busy baking for other people that now I’m left scrambling for teacher gifts for my own children! Better get moving to come up with something by end of the week!

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