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Valentine’s Day Auction Donations February 7, 2014

Filed under: Cookies — idreamofparties @ 1:36 pm

Something about donating baked goods for auctions reminds me of elementary school and the much anticipated cake walk at Brownsville Elementary. I never actually won a cake but I vaguely remember my mom baking at least one cake for the fundraising event. I have fond memories of walking round in a circle hoping to win!

Now that I’m a mom with children of my own I like to participate in fundraisers and charity events. I don’t really have a successful track record when it comes to baking cakes but I can bake a mean sugar cookie and dress it up pretty with some frosting. With Valentine’s Day next week I decided to donate a sweet plate of simple heart shaped cookies frosted with a sweet buttercream style frosting. I know there are tons of moms out there that can out do me when it comes to decorating cookies. I never claim to be a professional. I am just happy my cookie obsession can help raise a few extra dollars for the local elementary school.

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