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Everything is Awesome! February 14, 2014

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A few weeks ago I was at a birthday party and somehow in conversation another mom and I started talking about our shared interest in everything crafty as a way to relax and distress from our corporate jobs. She was telling me about all of these fun craft projects she was working on for her son’s upcoming birthday. I couldn’t help but share with her my love of baking and decorating sugar cookies. The next thing I know I was signed up for 4 dozen Lego themed cookies. How exciting!

My initial thinking was that I would make Lego block but after a few Pinterest searches I wasn’t really finding anything that grabbed my interest. One evening I was wasting time browsing the aisles of the Container Store and I wandered down the aisle with these giant Lego head containers. It was that moment that I decided Lego heads were perfect cookie shape for this party.

I can’t wait to deliver these cute cookies tomorrow!

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Be My Valentine?

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When I was in elementary school I loved Valentine’s Day at school. I’m all about ❤ and love and XOXO. For some reason one year in particular stands out. I'm not sure why as nothing really special took place but for whatever reason the memory of Valentine's Day in Mr. Voris' combined third and fourth grade modular classroom stands out. I remember the excitement. I vividly remember the yellow with red hearts and Raggedy Ann mandarin blouse my mom made for me. I remember the classroom party. I remember the sugar-free whoopee pie treats a little girl named Adina's mom made. I don't remember candy as part of our classroom Valentine exchanges but the fun notes shared with my classmates was something special.

My children are in Montessori school now which, don't get me wrong, provides a wonderful education for my children. However, sometimes the rigidity of it all and the lack of acknowledging any holiday except those when the school might be closed does bug me just the tiniest bit. I simply cannot rely on the school to provide these fun experiences for my children. What's a mom to do?

Last year a few mom friends and I took matters into our own hands and "piloted" a neighborhood Valentine exchange. The pilot phase was a mediocre success so we decided to do it again this year with more time for planning and a better marketing plan. Today, I am happy to announce, operation "Neighborhood Valentine Exchange" was a success! My children made these cheesy foam mailboxes (thank you Michael's) and put them on the front porch. For the first few days they checked the boxes no less than 15 times a day. Finally the week before Valentine's Day it snowed and gave us the perfect excuse to walk the neighborhood and deliver our treats. From this point forward the kids received fun surprises in their mailboxes every day for the next 5 days. It was Valentine's Day circa 1981 all over again! The joy my kids experienced checking their mailboxes every afternoon was something they will remember for years to come.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Valentine’s Day Auction Donations February 7, 2014

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Something about donating baked goods for auctions reminds me of elementary school and the much anticipated cake walk at Brownsville Elementary. I never actually won a cake but I vaguely remember my mom baking at least one cake for the fundraising event. I have fond memories of walking round in a circle hoping to win!

Now that I’m a mom with children of my own I like to participate in fundraisers and charity events. I don’t really have a successful track record when it comes to baking cakes but I can bake a mean sugar cookie and dress it up pretty with some frosting. With Valentine’s Day next week I decided to donate a sweet plate of simple heart shaped cookies frosted with a sweet buttercream style frosting. I know there are tons of moms out there that can out do me when it comes to decorating cookies. I never claim to be a professional. I am just happy my cookie obsession can help raise a few extra dollars for the local elementary school.

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