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Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Party December 30, 2013

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In an effort to create traditions and special childhood memories for my children I’ve been hosting a gingerbread house decorating party with a special visit by the big guy in red every other year since my twins were born. It’s something I enjoy doing and something the kids look forward to. This year I vowed to find a way to keep the holiday stress level at a minimum and keep my party spending in check. Purchasing 25 gingerbread houses and all the candy and decorations to go with the houses can get expensive. This year I found large gingerbread men cookies in a pack of 4 complete with basic candy decorations and Royal Icing for $8.99 at Costco. What a score! And what a great way to simplify this year’s party!

Theme – My original plan was to decorate sugar cookies but after I found a gingerbread man kit at Costco I quickly changed my party theme to Gingerbread Man Decorating Party.

Decorations – Simple was key so I went with lime green paper tablecloths for the tables and then accented with some of my existing red holiday decorations. I was able to pull together enough to create a festive tablescape but still have plenty of room for all of the children to work on their cookies.

Food and Beverage – For food and beverage I tried to serve more savory and somewhat health conscious snacks to balance with all of the candy that would be available. Crescent wrapped little smokies, berries with fruit dip, and assorted cheese and crackers were just enough of a snack for the children. The party was from 1-3pm so it was intended to be a small snack rather than a meal.

Activity – Decorate your own gingerbread man with assorted candies including SnowCaps, vanilla cotton candy, red hots and more.

Party Favors – We asked our surprise guest, Santa, to help hand out our goodie bags at the end of the party. The local Starlight Children’s Foundation holds an annual fundraiser where for a donation you can have Santa attend your party. I love the idea of having Santa at my parties because it reminds me of my own childhood memories of Christmas Eve at my Grandma’s house. Santa always stopped by on Christmas Eve to kick off our present exchange. Plus, I appreciate the opportunity to donate to a cause that does such good work. Santa passed out party favors which included cute socks from Forever 21, lotion, lip gloss, and red TicTacs for the girls and toy trucks and candy for the boys. I also found a few ideas on Pinterest for party favor ideas like Reindeer Noses (8 malt balls and 1 red covered chocolate) and Magic Reindeer Food (oats, sugar, and colored sprinkles with a poem about the magic food).

It makes me happy to see my children so excited to host such a fun party. I hope they’ll look back and remember these special occasions and know how much I love doing these things with them.


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