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Arr Matey! Walk the Plank for L’s 1st Birthday! October 19, 2013

Filed under: Cookies — idreamofparties @ 6:52 pm

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Today my family had the honor of joining our extended family to celebrate the first birthday of little L. Little L is the son of our former nanny and her husband. Although we aren’t technically related, our nanny is someone who we hold very near to our hearts as she was so closely connected to our family from the time our babies were 3 months old until almost 4 years old. We were thrilled to be invited to share this special day and I was thrilled to bake cookies for the pirate themed occasion.

I must confess I cannot take credit for the creativity of this cookie. Fortunately for me, I am an excellent student of Pinterest and religiously follow Jenny Cookies blog. This cookie design was something Jenny Cookies did for another party. I added my own twist with the pennant and skull and cross bones hang tag.


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