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Hogwarts, Sorting Hat and Nimbus 2000 May 25, 2013

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I’m aware of the Harry Potter movies and most of the characters but I have to admit I’ve never actually watched one of the movies all the way through. When a friend asked me to make cookies for her daughter’s Harry Potter themed birthday party of course I said yes. Then I wondered, what other than Harry Potter could I make for cookies? Eye glasses? Red and yellow striped scarf? It was clear I needed to conduct a little research before I start on this request. I must have some good aura about me because as I went to sit down with my family to watch a movie Harry Potter was on TBS and we were about to settle in for a Friday night family movie night where I would soon be inspired. The next day I ordered cookie cutters – a broom “Nimbus 2000”, a witches hat which will now be “Sorting Hat” and a two piece bikini cookie cutter set. Bikini? Yes of course! How else would a girl make Harry Potter’s signature round spectacles?

For the hang tag to attach to the bagged cookies, I found a Hogwarts Express ticket from the Silhouette online store and was able to copy it onto cardstock and cut them out. Tied with a simple black ribbon, I thought the tickets would make a fun tag for the cookies.

Although I’m still waiting for the frosting to dry so I can bag and ship these to sunny California, I am very pleased with the (almost) finished product. Happy Birthday, Ava! May you have all the vomit and earwax jellybeans and chocolate toads your heart desires!


One Response to “Hogwarts, Sorting Hat and Nimbus 2000”

  1. Beth Sandberg Says:

    I know that Ava (and her mom) will be very happy with the cookies! Thank you for helping to make her 9th birthday a success! Love you!

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