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Halloween Treats October 28, 2012

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Halloween cupcake treats to share at the annual pre trick or treating pizza party.  Ghosts, witches legs, mummies and spiders – oooh spooky!


Fall Cookies October 9, 2012

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Fall Cookies

Pumpkins, Jack o lanterns, and leaves remind me of Fall so I made these fun cookies for the Annual Harvest Dinner & Auction to benefit a local Seattle area women’s shelter. These cookies will be individually wrapped in cellophane bags with ties ready to hand out to trick or treaters!


Ladybugs for a 1st Birthday! October 4, 2012

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1st birthdays are so special for both baby and parents.  How my husband and I survived that first year of sleepless nights and endless diapers amazes me still.  When a friend and sorority alumnae sister asked me to help with cookie party favors for her daughter’s 1st birthday I was delighted.  I’ve been playing with fondant a little and decided to create the bugs out of fondant but use a sugary sweet frosting as the adhesive to get the fondant to stick to the cookie.  The frosting will serve two purposes actually 1) adhesive for the fondant but 2) peel away the fondant and you’ll have the perfect smooth and sweet cookie to enjoy without the chewy playdoh texture of the fondant.  The cookies are still drying but hopefully the fondant will stick to the frosting and we’ll have sweet little ladybug party favors to celebrate “Rs” big day!

Fondant Ladybugs