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Lil Remy’s Monster Bash April 1, 2012

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A friend of a friend heard I was available to help plan children’s birthday parties and contacted me a few months ago requesting help planning her little guy’s 1st birthday party.  The 1st birthday is one of those wonderful milestones when parents celebrate with family and friends the first year of their new life as parents.  For this space guy we tried to come up with something special.  Remy’s favorite book is When A Monster Is Born so the monster bash was a fitting party theme.  I set to work to create an intimate party for Remy and his closest family and friends to celebrate his big day!

Theme – Monster Bash inspired by When A Monster is Born

Decorations – Lime green, aqua blue, sunshine yellow, and a little pop of orange is the color palate for this party.  I used tissue pom poms that I found in packs of 3 at the local party store.  These are easy to make using regular tissue paper but for the sake of convenience and time, I chose to buy the partially assembled version.  I added big eyes on some of the pom poms to look more like friendly monsters. Tissue pom poms in green, yellow and blue hung from various different points throughout the house.  To tie the cupcakes in with the monster theme I found cute little monster cupcake toppers from Sweet Part Designs on etsy.com.  For about $10 I got a dozen cupcake toppers that provided just a little touch of monster that I wanted for the cupcakes. 

For the table scape I wanted to use existing white serving ware so I chose a bright green tablecloth with coordinating green, blue, and yellow plates, napkins and utensils. For the utensils and napkins I wrapped forks in napkins and tied with coordinating pipe cleaners and attached googly eyes from the craft store. The napkin and forks became little monsters of their own sort. I wish I could take credit for this but I must admit I found this idea on Pinterest.com and was happy to have such a cute little addition to my table.

Although not a decoration, I wanted to make sure the birthday boy had a little monster to wear as well.  I found a cute custom shirt from Banana Bear Boutique on etsy.com.  For about $25 I was able to order a simple t-shirt with a monster, the number 1 and the child’s name.  I love using custom shirts for young children’s birthday parties because they make for such great pictures to keep for many years to come.

Food and Beverage – In order to keep costs down, this client chose to bring her own food and beverage for the party.  For a party in the 1:00 – 3:00pm afternoon timeframe I suggested just a few snacks for people to nibble on before the cupcakes.

Favors – The party favors for this party were one of my favorite parts of the party – “Adopt A Monster!”  After a few test patterns using various materials, I finally came up with fleece monsters that each child could take home from the party.  I sewed two pieces of inexpensive fleece fabric with embroidery thread and stuffed with pillow filler.  Each monster was unique with eyes, mustaches, mouths, ribbons, bows, and flowers.  No two were alike.  Each monster had a tag “Thank you for coming to my 1st birthday! Love, Remy”