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Elmo and Friends Birthday July 19, 2010

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As my kids started to talk one of their first words was “Mmelmo” which translates to “Can I watch Elmo?” So, when I started thinking about what to do for my twins’ 2nd birthday I knew right away I wanted to have an Elmo theme.  I’m not really a fan of out of the box party decorations so I set off online to find a few creative inspirations.  One of my favorite party sites is The Hostess with the Mostess.  I found a C is for Cookie themed party on this site and made notes about a few things I liked about the this party that I could use for our own Elmo party.  One of the things I liked was the use of a single color throughout the venue to really carry off the theme.  I started make notes about every red item I could think of to tie into my party.  Red decorations, red candy, red food, etc.  Eventually I expanded my palate to include red, yellow and blue the respective colors of Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster. What I’ve learned in my party planning experience is limit your color palate to three colors at the most.  Three colors is plenty to carry off a theme. Too much makes it seem mix match and doesn’t come across as the coordinated effect that you’re going for.

Decorations – The tissue paper pom poms found on Martha Stewart worked great for this party. I used red tissue paper to create poms to hang around our house as bursts of bright color.  These were easy to make, inexpensive, and created the effect I was looking for.  I also made strings of garland out of primary colored felt circles in various sizes.  I used my hot glue gun to glue the circles onto ribbon. I also gathered random square and cylinder vases I had around the house and warpped them in craft paper to look like Sesame Street characters.  Some of the vases were left empty, one was used for a flower, and another was used as a candy holder.  I filled a vase with floral foam and stuck sucker sticks in it as a way to display my character suckers during the party. On the buffet table I added a fishbowl filled with orange Goldfish brand crackers because everyone knows Elmo’s pet is a goldfish named “Dorothy”.  To carry out the theme I gathered up all of my children’s Sesame Street figurines and stuffed animals and used them throughout the house on the cake table, buffet table, and around the house where the guests would be.

Activities – This was a family party so I decided activities were not necessary.  At 2 years old the excitement of a party with decorations, Grandma and Grandma visiting, pizza, cake, and gifts was more excitement than they could handle.  If I were to do this themed party for an older child I would add an Elmo pull string pinata and may a pin the tale type game.

Food – I tend to go overboard with these parties so I vowed to keep it simple.  We served pizza, salad, and goldfish crackers for lunch at the party.  We also served cupcakes that looked like Cookie Monster and Elmo.  Each of the children received a shortbread cookie frosted to look like Elmo and a chocolate sucker in the shape of a Sesame Street character.  I found these sweet treats online at New York Chocolates.  Inexpensive and very cute!