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Weddings With Children in Mind June 21, 2010

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When my husband and I began planning our dream wedding we wanted to incorporate his daughter because she was such a big part of our relationship and the foundation of the family we were building together.  As I started planning the reception I decided a children’s area would be the best way to accommodate my step daughter and all of the other children in attendance.  The idea of a children’s area not only ended up being a great way to entertain the children but also save money!  How can you save money when planning a wedding?  Well, instead of lavish flower centerpieces, why not use candy?  Instead of gourmet appetizers and plated beef or chicken entrees, why not PBJ and Goldfish crackers?  For less than $10 per head my caterer agreed to pre set the children’s table with platters of mini sandwiches, crackers, and crudite for the little people in attendance.   Think of it as a classier version of the birthday party.

Decorations – Fill clear vases with solid colored candies in your wedding theme colors.  I used a light blue and sage green for my wedding based on the light blue hydrangeas that were in season at the time.  I filled the vases with Jelly Belly brand jelly beans in colors of blue, white and green and then found old fashioned suckers to stick in the vases for added height.  I also provided several boxes for fresh crayons and coloring books to keep the kids busy during the reception.  Each place setting also had a cellophane bag filled with bubbles, puppets, candy, stickers, and other random party store trinkets.  The cellophone tied with ribbon looked pretty on the table but also had a practical function – keep the kids busy!

Food – Mini PBJ sandwiches, crudite, fruit plate, Goldfish crackers were all set buffet style in the center of the children’s table.


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