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Nancy Drew Party June 18, 2010

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When my step daughter was 6 she started learning to read so I introduced her to the world of Nancy Drew.  Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys were my favorite books when I was young so I thought I could share this interest with my daughter.  She quickly became interested in the characters and so began the nightly ritual of my reading aloud a chapter a night from Nancy Drew Clue Crew book series.  When it came time to plan her 7th birthday party I was 8 months pregnant with twins and in no mood to plan a fabulous party.  I was able to pull together a few ideas to create a fun outdoor party for her and a few friends.

Decorations – Crime scene tape, chalk body outlines on the sidewalk outside of our home, black paper foot prints through the house, magnifying glasses and mini compasses were around too. 

Food – Make your own mini pizzas! After sleuthing the neighborhood I had the girls make their own mini pizzas for lunch.  I also set up the table movie theater style with movie snacks including popcorn, candy, and soda.  The girls received tickets during their scavenger hunt and used the tickets to trade for movie treats.  The girls snacked on their movie treats while watching the Nancy Drew movie.

Activity – Scavenger hunt through the neighborhood “sleuthing” for clues.  I created a list of about 50 items that the girls would hunt for throughout the neighborhood.  Items included a colored paperclip, postcard from somewhere outside the US, a golf ball etc.  I divided the girls into two teams, assigned my step daughter’s mom and her boyfriend to one team and my husband and I chaperoned the other team.  We gave each team 20 minutes to go out and collect the items and get back to the house.  The girls had a ball!  Prizes and tickets were awarded to the winning team.


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